Buzz Magazine: Hit The Wall

"In the intimate Steppenwolf Garage with an ensemble of only 8, the chaos and havoc of the Stonewall Inn riots is powerfully recreated by Chicago storefront The Inconvenience.  At its climax, high-energy and expertly choreographed fight sequences rumble over original rock music and hushed lights to evoke the events of that night.  But what comes before are a series of beautifully written and precisely performed scenes that introduce an eclectic mix of characters with a powerful mix of heart and sass."

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Windy City media Group: Hit The Wall

"The Inconvenience replicates the atmosphere of that fatal evening with an accuracy as vivid and visceral as a punch to the belly."

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Rahm Night

Rahm Emanuel came to see Hit The Wall!  Check out our photos from the night

Chicago Reader: Hit The Wall

"Hit the Wall constitutes a full-out triumph....In a sort of cross between Lanford Wilson's Balm in Gilead and Rent, he offers up a coterie of street swishes, drifters, outcasts, and dissemblers whose terrible beauty is about to be born.....They all get caught up in a maelstrom of exquisitely sustained violence (choreographed by Ryan Borque) that recalls, oddly enough, the early, visceral days of Steppenwolf itself." 

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Chicago Sun Times: Hit The Wall

"The flashiest, most scorchingly acted work in this series is The Inconvenience company’s production of Ike Holter’s “Hit the Wall,” with power-packed direction by Eric Hoff. This show (which makes “Hair” look like children’s theater), may very well be the most authentic evocation ever of New York’s counter-culture scene in Greenwich Village in the late 1960s, complete with a mood-setting hard rock band (Ryan Murphy, Josh Lambert and Will Wood)."

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