Hit The Wall returns with The Chicago Commercial Collective!


The Inconveneince is proud to announce that the original smash-hit production of Hit The Wall will reopen at The Greenhouse Theatre (2257 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago) thanks in part to The Chicago Commercial Collective

Hailed by Time Out Chicago as a “thrilling new play” with an “excellent ensemble,” Hit the Wall by Inconvenience Company Memeber Ike Holter and directed by Eric Hoff, was originally presented by The Inconvenience in 2012 as part of Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s
Garage Rep series. The debut production was extended twice at Steppenwolf, remounted by popular demand that
summer at Theatre on the Lake and then went on to an off-Broadway run in 2013 at New York’s Barrow Street Theatre. 
The Village Voice called it “an explosive extravaganza!” and the New York Times called it “fierce and funny.”
“Hit the Wall” transports audiences back to the summer of 1969 in New York’s Greenwich Village. The death of music 
icon Judy Garland has emboldened her gay followers. A routine police raid on an underground village hotspot erupts 
into a full-scale riot, the impetus of the modern gay rights movement. That is the well-known, often-retold myth of The 
Stonewall Riots. Playwright Holter smashes that myth against his vivid theatrical re-imagination, and adds a howling live 
rock ’n’ roll band, for an presentation that is both historic and contemporary. The remix of this historic confrontation 
reveals ten unlikely revolutionaries, caught in the turmoil and each fighting to claim “I was there.”
Tickets for Hit The Wall go on sale February 27th, with previews beginning April 21st.
For Tickets or more information, visit http://www.greenhousetheatre.org or call 773.404.7336


About the Chicago Commercial Collective
Chicago Commercial Collective is a commercial theater company focused on producing Chicago theater of incredible
quality and commercial appeal, thereby supporting Chicago’s vital non-profit theater scene. Recent projects include the
successful commercial remount last fall of TimeLine Theatre Company’s “To Master the Art” at Chicago’s Broadway
Playhouse. The Collective is also presenting The Off-Loop Tour, which will export some of the best of Chicago theater
throughout the Midwest in 2014-15. Productions on the tour include “there is a happiness that morning is” by Mickle
Maher (originally produced by Theater Oobleck), “A Steady Rain” by Keith Huff (originally produced by Chicago 
Dramatists), “Unveiled” by Rohina Malik, “Honeybuns” by Dean Evans and “Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology” by
Anthony Moseley (both originally produced by Collaboraction). 
The Collective’s goal is to manifest a thriving small and mid-sized commercial theater scene. The Collective focuses on 
producing theater with proven popularity, and builds upon the interest already generated during their original 
production runs. For investors, the Collective provides opportunities to partner on exciting projects with reasonable 
fincancial returns on their investments. The Collective allows non-profit theater companies to enjoy the benefits from 
their original successful productions that, due to scheduling issues or theater availability, may end their runs before they 
have reached the audiences they deserve . Further, artists who question if Chicago’s theater job market can provide 
stability and fair wages can rely on the Collective to transform the local industry with the development of mid-sized 
commercial theater and consistent employment opportunities.
Chicago Commercial Collective is located in the historic Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 525, Chicago, IL 
60605. For more information call (312) 724-7604 or visit chicagocommercialcollective.com.
B-Side Studio Episode 4: FEE-NAL-LAY is out now!

The fourth and final episode of B-SIDE STUDIO, entitled “FEE-NAL-LAY” has just dropped online! 

Cynthia's plans to tear down B Side Studio are coming into action!

It's up to the rag-tag-crew to put up a concert and raise enough money to stop the demolition.

Armed with nothing but their wits and black-tar-bourboun, they scheme, dream and team-up to save the studio.

This season finale is packed with guest stars, musical numbers, and more drama then you can stand. 


This episode, along with its three predecessors, will only be available online in its long format until January 1st, 2014. At that time, all four episodes will be taken offline to be re-mastered and re-edited for new release in spring 2014. They will then be available for viewing right here, on our website, as well as purchase through Amazon.



B SIDE STUDIO is back with Episode 3:  "The New Lady"
The gang plans a surprise party for Janice's birthday, and Lady returns to the studio after recovering from the death of her mafia-ring-leading husband.

Meanwhile, Gary introduces the gang to his new girlfriend:  Cynthia (Mary Williamson), a mysteriously sassy villain
who's got history with Lady and insidiously hilarious plans for B Side Studio. 

Heads will roll!



The Inconvenience Presents: Three New Artistic Associates

We, The Inconvenience, are pleased to announce the addition of our first Artistic Associates.

LORI CROSTHWAIT, SHANNON MATESKY and BRANDON MOORHEAD have been outstanding collaborators and supporters of The Inconvenience for years and we are proud to welcome them into our family.

Lori Crothswait has worked as a dancer with The Inconvenience since 2008. In the last couple of years she has stepped into a grander role, most recently as Dance Captain for The Fly Honey Show 2013 at Chopin Theater and then as Production Manager for Aftertaste. Shannon Matesky has also worked with The Inconvenience since 2008, most notably playing Roberta in the original production of Hit the Wall at Steppenwolf Theatre Garage. Brandon Moorhead most recently shared his musical talents at The Fly Honey Show 2013 and has been a pillar of reliability in technical aspects for The Inconvenience since 2010.  

"We are so delighted to have Lori, Shannon and Brandon join our team. These three artists have worked very diligently and brought their creative talents generously to our table. We feel that this official partnership is less of a beginning of our relationship and more of a definition to the world of how we have been working together and our commitment to them as artists. We stand behind them and are so honored that they stand with us."

-Artistic Director Chris Chmelik

"We are especially excited to see how these artists expand our horizons. Lori's experience in hospitality and dance,  Shannon's expertise in creative writing, poetry and education, and Brandon's musical theatre, spectacle and puppetry background will grow our community and expand the breadth of our events."

- Producer Missi Davis.


A Little About Our New Artistic Associates


Lori Crosthwait has called Chicago home since 2008. A Louisville, Kentucky native, she completed her BFA in Dance at the University of Arizona where she performed in work by Doug Nielsen, Susan Quinn-Williams, and Amy Ernst.  She has performed in Chicago and New York for choreographers Lauren Hale Biniaris, Joanna Rosenthal, and Keesha Beckford, among others. Lori has danced in The Fly Honey Show since its inception in 2010. Most recently, she served as The Inconvenience’s Project Assistant for Aftertaste: Experiments in Food and Dance. Lori is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer with Chicago Athletic Clubs

Shannon Matesky has been seen on numerous stages across the country as a poet and actress. Some of her theatrical credits include: The March(Steppenwolf Theatre Company); Hit the Wall (The Inconvenience, Steppenwolf Garage Rep);Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses (The Hypocrites); and Sonnets for an Old Century (UrbanTheater Company, Steppenwolf Garage Rep). Shannon was a featured spoken word artist of the Brave New Voices College Tour and the final season of HBO'sDef Poetry Jam. She has performed with the likes of Talib Kweli, Rachel McKibbens, George Watsky, and countless others. She is featured in the award-winning documentary 2nd Verse: The Rebirth of Poetry (Corduroy Media). Shannon is an activist and teacher who has worked with such organizations as Young Chicago Authors, Youth Speaks, Step-Up Women's Network, Kuumba Lynx and others, aiding young adults in technical and life skills. Shannon has also written her first solo play, She Think She Grown

Brandon Moorhead is a longtime friend and fan of the Inconvenience. He started singing and performing when he was three years old while growing up in Vinita, Oklahoma and has performed in places as varied as Connecticut, Michigan and Japan. He now lives in Logan Square and regularly performs with Redmoon, The Paramount Theatre, and his performance duo Head/Rhap. With the Inconvenience he has created work for The Fly Honey Show and last year's BlockOut, and he has worked in a technical or administrative capacity on multiple other projects. He is elated and honored to bring his experience in musical theatre and opera as well as his skills in production and direction to the Inconvenience.












B-Side Studio

A 4-Episode Brand-New Live Sitcom! 

Written and created by Ike Holter and Evan Linder
Directed by Nicholas J. Carroll, Andrew Hobgood, Gus Menary
Featuring Daeshawna Cook, Missi Davis, Mikey Harnichar, Wes Needham, Brad Smith, and Kevin Stangler 
And Special Guests! Mary Williamson, Austin Talley, Shannon Matesky, Sasha Smith, Briana De Giulio, John Wilson, Thea Lux, Kate Carson-Groner, Ian Smith, and Chris Fowler

Episode 1, September 13 - 14.
Episode 2, September 27 - 28.
Episode 3, October 4 - 5.
Episode 4, October 11 - 12.
Fridays and Saturdays at 9/8c
The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts - Theater East (915 E 60th St)

Tickets can be purchased online through The University of Chicago

The Inconvenience and The New Colony have joined forces to bring you a never-before-seen in-your-face-event!

Every week we will present a new live episode of B SIDE STUDIO and, days later, we will edit the footage and put it online with a laugh track provided by our LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! 

"It's 1977, Chicago. There's crazy people working at a recording studio telling it like it is and calling it like they see it. This is the show from back in the day that your parents wouldn't let you watch but the show you couldn't wait to see." NOW YOU CAN. 

We're doing it at Logan Center in Hyde Park: So, why not get a FREE RIDE DOWN THERE in our groovy FREE PARTY BUS?!?!!*
Just meet at Theater Wit (1229 W Belmont) starting at 6pm, the bus leaves promptly at 7pm, and show starts at 8pm.

*FREE PARTY BUS?!?!! is only available saturday October 5th and Saturday October 12th, sorry for the inconvenience, no pun intended.

So: Get a ticket. Meet at Theater Wit. GET SOME DRINKS. Hop on the bus: And let's see the show that would have fit right in between GOOD TIMES and THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW. 
Only with more butt jokes.